Flat share @ Brandenburg Gate

The apartments vary in size, but all have a living room, bath, kitchen and 2 or 3 bedrooms. If you book this accommodation option, you´ll be living with other GLS students as your room mates.

All apartments are in the building complex you see on the right side. Some - not all - have a view towards Potsdamer Platz (left) and Holocaust Memorial (in the middle). Brandenburg Gate is right behind the building, 5 minutes walking distance.

The buildings´architecture is socialist style, as it was built for the political elite of the former communist Germany.

Jusrt a short walk, and you are on the banks of River Spree, with a fantastic view of the German parliament and its famours glas cupola by Sir Norman Foster (more)

See the distance to GLS on a google map.

Living room in one of the apartments - a great place to meet and socialize.

The view is on Wilhelmstraße. Wilhelmstraße used to be the German Downing Street, till 1945 all ministeries were here. Today Wilhelmstraße is lined with shops and restaurants, among them a low-key looking Chinese restaurant very popular with stars and politicians. They come here as the parliament is just a short walk away. 

Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, that you share with the other GLS student(s) living in your apartment

Each apartment has 2 or 3 bedrooms. You can book a single bedroom or you can booked "shared double", i.e. you share your room with another GLS student