Every Tuesday, 3 PM

About German film, art, history and literature

GLS teachers are not only good teachers – they are experts in fields like German film, art, history and literature. Every week they offer a free seminar, each about her/his field of expertise:


  • German film: all about early masterworks like ”Metropolis”, about famous “Autorenfilmer” like Rainer Werner Fassbinder and today´s movie production
  • Weimar Republic (1918 – 1933): about a brief and very liberal period in German history, between World War I and the rise of the Third Reich


  • Art of the Third Reich: how the Nazis handled art, using it as a tool for propaganda purposes


  • Berlin – capital of nightlife: more about famous Berlin clubs and partys
  • Angela Merkel: the biography of the world´s most powerful woman
  • The Berlin Wall and its origins as “Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart"


  • Western Germany, the “Bonn Republic” between 1945 and 1990
  • Berlin, from its foundation in the 13th century till today


  • Martin Luther, the German Reformation and its influence on Europe
  • The German Empire before World War I


  • National Socialism and the sociological concept of hostility against groups defined as being different and not belonging


  • German literature in the 19th and 20th century
  • Art history with presentation of famous German artworks from the 16th century till today


  • Communist Germany: how the “Deutsche Demokratische Republik” DDR (1948 – 1990) operated and what daily life looked like