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GLS is a 5-time
winner of the award


Earn commissions by linking to GLS

Link to us, with a link containing your personal agent ID! Whether Spanisch, Turkish or Japanese - the GLS website is available in many languages.

  • NO risk of loosing commissions
  • LESS work - a simple teaser on your website will do
  • LESS "hassle" -  we do all the consulting


Commissions are the same regardless of how you generate a booking - whether by personally talking to clients or by directing them to GLS via your website.

Every Monday you will receive an automatic notification by email, if there were bookings via your website. If you did not generate any booking, there will be no notification. As far as commissions go, they will be paid once a month, provided your client paid and arrived in Germany.

If you want to link your website to GLS just write an email to

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